Tolo is a beautiful tourist resort of Argolida, just 9 km from Nafplion. It gives you the chance to enjoy the crystal clear water and visit the archaeological sites in the region, ancient Assini, Epidaurus, Tiryns, Mycenae, Argos, Hera, Nafplion.

There are many reasons to visit us ...

Tolo is one charismatic village ready to offer the visitor a rich traditional hospitality and at the same time modern fun. Natural beauty and renowned hospitality are the features that attract visitors from around the world. Its geographical position is such so as to offer short visits to all the archaeological sites of Argolida. For visitors seeking a family holiday, Tolo is a destination that  offers enjoyable holiday close to nature. The 1200 residents work in tourism for many years and know well the meaning of hospitality and most businesses are family businesses.

Moving around the village is easy since it only takes 20 minutes to go to Nafplion by bus, with an daily every one hour bus schedule. From Nafplio there are many bus trips to the rest of Greece mainly through Athens. Also, from our port there is a line for Hydra and Spetses.

In fact, Tolo a place in which people of all ages spend their holidays. In Tolo you will see families and groups of young people to enjoy the sea, the sun and beauties of nature, to dine in beachside taverns where there is abundant fresh fish and seafood. But as night falls, their paths separate. Others prefer to relax listening to the splash of waves in a quiet seaside tavern or coffee-bar, while those who want to have fun, enjoy the intense nightlife, since Tolo satisfies everyone’s tastes.


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